Alestra’s Story



Wow. I’m so scary. Hope I didn’t give you a heart attack.


Anyway, hi! Thought I would do something different this week and finally get around to sharing some fiction with you. I thought it might also be a nice way to bookmark now, so I can look back after a year or more of my Creative Writing degree and see how much I’ve improved.

This is the first page or so of a children’s/young adult story I first drafted a while ago but it never really went anywhere. It was inspired by my new-found loved of Dungeons and Dragons (NERD ALERT) and I loved my first character so much, I thought I would write up a little of her backstory in story form!

So, here that is. Or, the first page of it. It’s not my best but need to get used to putting unpolished writing in front of people…















(Untitled Fantasy)

The sun filtered through the green canopy of trees, shadows dancing on the forest floor. Alestra’s auburn hair danced in the light, her eyes sparkling. She clutched a small, worn book in her hands. Speaking softly, she read to the circle of children in front of her. Their wild eyes alive with excitement, hanging onto every word she spoke. She read as if she was singing a lullaby, her voice seemed to send the children into a trance. Their fidgety legs lay still beneath them, their wandering eyes stayed fixed to their teacher.

When Alestra Feyleaf first came to the small halfling village, the children were unsure. Having only every heard of Wood Elves in story books, they were amazed by her elf height and unfamiliar features. Alestra, having spent almost her entire life with halflings, knew how to approach her new class. It only took a few months for the children to become instantly smitten with her.

They were fascinated by her wealth of knowledge about nature, the way she communicated with the animals. They loved the way she told stories, the adventure twinkled in her eyes as she spoke of other folk from faraway lands. She never punished them or pushed them. She was gentle, kind and patient. She became a friend, a big sister they could turn to as well as a teacher.

She stopped reading, closing the book slowly, and looked up from the pages. Shaking the story from her mind. The children mimicked this, shaking their heads from left to right, giggling and stretching their little arms up towards the sky, waking up from their trance. Alestra wiped dust from her skirt and stood slowly. The children lined up in pairs behind her, chatting excitedly. Home time plans slowly faded as the children followed Alestra out through the forest, being replaced with birdsong and the rustle of the trees.

After seeing each of her pupils home, she headed out of the town, and back into the forest. Pulling her arrows out from her bag, and slinging her bow over her shoulder. Gently brushing her fingers against the autumn leaves, the warmth of the sun travelled through her body, making her olive skin sparkle.  She walked deeper into the forest, the trees around her growing taller.

Eventually, she came to a clearing; smaller to the one she had been teaching in earlier. Yawning, she took a seat on a nearby stump, placing her bag down beside her. She tucked her feet under and rested her head against the bark. She closed her eyes gently and began to drift off as the sun grew closer to the horizon.

She began being pulled into a dream; castles with long, endless corridors and locked doors. People whispering round corners about secrets she would never know. Outside, princesses fought alongside their knights to rid their castle of evil. She peered further out of the castle window, leaning over the wall to see the action below her. She ducked suddenly as an arrow flew past her head.

She opened her eyes, her head turning to the tree behind her, an arrow seemed to be sticking out from the splintered wood. She looked around the clearing. She saw no other signs of life other than a squirrel making it’s way back into a small bush. She stood slowly, placing an arrow into her bow. She heard a crunch, spinning round in the direction of the noise and firing her arrow. It soared through the air, sinking its sharp edge into a tree.

The tree giggled.

Confused, Alestra lowered her bow and approached the giggling tree, furrowing her brow. A small, squeaky laugh echoed once more from the tree. Alestra continued to tiptoe towards the laughing tree, leaning over, her skirt brushing the forest floor.


she jumped back, poised once more with her bow. She lowered it to see a middle-aged halfling woman stood before her, with a bow slung over her shoulder. She dropped her weapon and walked towards the woman, bringing into a warm embrace.

“You gave me a fright!” She exclaimed, her belly shaking with laughter.

“I got ya! Never let ya guard down in the forest!” The woman chipped back, poking Alestra playfully in the stomach.
















(featured image is by moi, as most of them are. This is technically of my best friend but let’s pretend it’s Alestra…)



Thank you for reading! Means a lot x




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