Another one.

I’m starting to feel a little more like a functioning human being. Going outside doesn’t make me want to curl into a ball and I’m actually wearing normal human clothes.

You know like when you come indoors from being out in the sun and you can’t quite see properly and everything looks a bit green so you have to stand there blinking until your eyes adjust?


Um, what else…

Oh, living with your partner is pretty awesome. Especially after a year of being far away. I mean, it’s just over a week in so I’m sure we’ll start to hate each other soon but so far, it’s pretty fun.

I’m about to go and get all my fruit and veg for the week from a local market so I’m that bitch now. Yeah.

Things to say, things to say….

Um, I had an amazing pizza for 5 quid the other day, that was a good time.

I promise these will return to their slightly below average quality again but my brain still feels a little like cotton wool so, I hope you enjoyed another peek inside my thinking box. Pretty boring, right?

I need my weekly fix of “Hey look, I created something.” So, humour me?









Fankoo x

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