I’m far away now…

It happened. I left home.

It’s really really weird.

I’m still adjusting, my brain feels a bit like weird soup, just kind of floating around in my head, not really knowing what’s going on…

There was a horrible feeling in my stomach for the first two days, but that’s gone now.

My anxiety has definitely ramped up a level, but it’s manageable.

It’s just kind of the same, but different.

Making sense yes?

I don’t really have a point to this post, I just wanted to keep my weekly streak up so, have some word vomit.

Hopefully be back next week with longer sentences made up of better words.







Thank you for keeping your eyes glued to the screen long enough to get through this pile of random crap!


(I did have a really artsy shot of my new bedroom window for the featured image and I edited it to be all metaphorical for how I was feeling n shit but then I felt weird about posting a view from where I live online, even though it was really blurry and vague… So instead, here’s a much worse #artsy shot of a really dirty window that I took at home. Enjoy!)

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